The Imer ES150n Scaffold Hoist is one of our most popular builder's winches, built from quality materials which result in a premium industrial strength product fit for the hire industry. Proudly made in Italy the Imer ES150 Scaffold Hoist boasts a lifting height up to 30m at a speed of 18.5m/min with a load of 150kg. Conveniently running on the standard UK building site power supply of 110v single phase 50hZ, please make a special enquiry for any other voltages as these can often be obtained from the factory.

Designed for outdoor use with an IP67 plug (110v) and an IP65 push button pendant control station (connected to a 1.5m pendant cable). The kit we supply in this package comes with the scaffold clamps and essential fittings required to begin using the hoist.


Supberb Increases In Productivity On-Site

The Imer scaffold hoist range has revolutionised the way materials are lifted on building sites, productivity is dramatically increased by speeding up the lifting process enormously, workers are able to spend more time installing goods rather than transporting them- the hard part becomes the easy part!


When purchasing this device there are a couple of considerations that we deem essential

  • Do not lift more than 150kg with this hoist as this is the rated safe working load, if you need to lift more then we always have a solution- try the ET200 hoist, a similar hoist in terms of functionality, slightly better design and 200kg safe working load, or the Imer TR225, the king of the scaffold hoists, our top model for a 'bolt on' style unit lifting 200kg with all the features of the ET200 but with an extendable arm to provide a further reach up to 1120mm
  • Do you have a 5kVA 110v single phase 50hz transformer? If not we can certainly supply one- see our 'Customers Also Bought' window below
  • Are you fitting this to a secure upright scaffold tube? -Yes to this one is essential


General Operational Advice

  • Ensure correctly installed on an upright scaffold tube before use checking that both clamps are secure
  • Only install on a professionally installed scaffolding system and not on a portable scaffold tower as loading the hoist could cause a portable scaffold tower to collapse
  • Read the user manual included before operation

Comparing the Imer range:

Feature ES150 ET200 TR225
Capacity 150kg 200kg 200kg
Lifting Height 30m 30m 30m
Supply 110v 1ph 50hz 110v 1ph 50hz 110v 1ph 50hz
Lifting Speed 18.5m/min 19m/min 19m/min
Machine Weight 39kg 42kg + 17kg Pole 46kg + 17kg Pole
Scaffold Pole Attachment Included (and required) No Yes Yes
Extendable Hoist Bracket Arm No No Yes

Accessories- these can all be found below in 'Customers Also Bought'


Bucket Carriers- ideal for lifting builders buckets enabling them to be removed and replaced during the process

Brick Baskets- perfect for transporting bricks, tiles and similar items requiring a larger surface area, these are a really popular product!

Scaffold Clips- we do sell spare scaffold clips, and we ship them super fast, we understand people lose things and it creates a crisis, our advice is to keep a spare set safe but if you forgot it's no problem- we will always do our best to get them to you the next day when you need them in an emergency

Recommended bucket: 45 litre
90-litre bucket can be used but we strongly advise for health and safety reasons that you down-rate the safe working load as the 90-litre bucket has a SWL of 200kg whereas the hoist can only lift up to 150kg and you should also consider the weight of the bucket.

  • Fast Lifting Speed @ 18.5m/min
  • 150kg Safe Working Load
  • Ideal for outdoor use thanks to high electrical component enclosure protection levels
  • A builder's best friend- Imer hoists are very commonly found in hire fleets, a testimony to their superb quality
  • Loads of accessories available from stock
  • Super fast next day UK mainland delivery
  • Lightweight and innovative design
  • Drastically increases productivity on site
  • Lifting Speed 18.5 M/MIN
  • Working Height 30 M
  • Trolley Attachment Available - For Use With A Gantry
  • Top Limit Switch
  • 110v Plug IP67
  • Easy to install
  • Pendant Control 3 Push Buttons - Complete With 1m IP65 Electric Cable
  • Quiet Running LpA dB (A) < 75
  • Hoist Weight: 39kg