Imer's ET300 Builders Gantry Hoist package makes lifting loads up to 300kg on site easy and efficient. With a fast lifting speed of 19m/min this complete package is ideal for increasing productivity and offers exceptional return on investment by allowing your team to complete jobs quicker and more efficiently.

The Gantry is easy to setup and includes a kick plate to avoid accidental kicking of materials from between the legs of the frame off the building.

  • Package Includes: Hoist, Beam Trolley, Gantry, A-Frame, Kick Plate and Ballast Boxes
  • Maximum reliability and durability
  • Gear motor is built with helical-toothed steel grears in an oil bath
  • IP65 plug
  • Hook with block and wedge
  • Hoist trolley with 4 aluminium wheels
  • Upper limit safety device
  • Hoist trolley positioning brake
  • Self-braking motor with brake rectifier
  • Lockable ballast boxes
  • Direct control pendant with 2 push buttons and emergency stop (1.5m cable length)
  • Lifting capacity: 300kg
  • Lifting Speed: 19m/min
  • Height of Lift: 30m
  • Rope DIA: 5mm
  • Motor Speed: 1325rpm
  • Supply: 110v (32a)
  • Hoist Weight: 50kg
  • Hoist dimensions (W x L x H): 330 x 780 x 380mm
  • Gantry Size (W x L x H): 2270 x 3270 x 2240mm