The ICTL Crane Slung Drum Tilter allows for the safe discharge from steel and plastic drums with minimal ease within any confined space. The ICTL comes with the option of a crank handle or looped chain for low and high level controlled discharge.


Standard Features-


  • Robust Gearbox allowing the drum to be locked and held at any angle 
  • Three-point mechanical restraints to prevent drum slippage
  • 50mm wide webbing strap with ratchet restraint
  • Zinc plated heel pins for safe attachment to a forklift truck
  • Painted bright orange for safety. 
Model Mounting Type Capacity (kg) Type Of Control  Weight (kg) C Of G (mm)
ICTL-1.0 Crane 360 Crank Handle 50 50
ICTL-2.0 Crane 360 Looped Chain 75 50