The Hydraulic Straddle Pallet Stacker Truck provides the key functionality all other standard base stackers lack- the ability to lift pallets up to 1200mm up directly off the ground thanks to the wide-leg straddle design. Boasting an impressive 1000kg capacity big enough to lift and transport most standard euro-pallets. Fully adjustable forks offer an overall width of 350-710mm providing a versatile platform for lifting various sized pallets and loads.

Model GT1015 GT1025 GT1029
Capacity 1000kg 1000kg 1000kg
Load Centre 550mm 550mm 550mm
Max. Fork Height 1500mm 2450mm 2850mm
Lowered Fork Height 65mm 65mm 65mm
Fork Length 1150mm 1150mm 1150mm
Fork Width 170mm 170mm 170mm
Width Across The Forks 350-710mm 350-710mm 350-710mm
Width Between The Straddle Legs 1250mm 1250mm 1250mm
Lifting Height Per Stroke 12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm
Ground Clearance 24mm 24mm 24mm
Load Roller 78x80mm 78x80mm 78x80mm
Steering Wheel 150x38mm 150x38mm 150x38mm
Overall Length 1595mm 1595mm 1595mm
Overall Width 1395mm 1395mm 1395mm
Overall Height 1960mm 2000mm 2000mm