The High-Lift Hydraulic Drum Truck With Adjustable Legs is an ideal solution for lifting and moving steel drums on and off of pallets. The has adjustable legs so you can adjust for use with different pallet sizes. 


The clamp mechanism is very easy to position and grabs the drum by the drum rim this means the operator does not need to manoeuvre around or even touch the drum by hand. a touch-sensitive release valve lowers the drum safely back down to the ground. the DTH400 is the high lift model that will allow the maximum drum lifting height of 10700mm. Each trolley has 2 x fixed wheels (front) and 2 x castor wheels with integrated brakes (back). 

  • Spring loaded clamp securely holds any steel rimmed drum 
  • Lifts, transports and lowers drums on and off pallets.
  • Adjustable front legs for different pallet sizes.
  • Precision roller bearing load wheels create maximum stability.
  • Swivel steering wheels for perfect positioning
Model Capacity (kg) Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Maximum Drum Lifting height (mm) Drum Type weight (kg)
DTH400 400 1810 720 to 1400 (adjustable) 1100 1070 Steel 100