Working at height can be a dangerous activity especially if you do not have the correct safety equipment, the Helixon retractable wire rope fall arrest block can provide ultimate safety when working both vertically and horizontally. 

This block has been manufactured with safety very much in mind, from energy absorbers to internal braking mechanisms this block offers ultimate reassurance for the user. 

Safety is imperative within any situation let alone height so the Helixon fall arrest block meets every demand to keep the user safe. This block allows the user to move freely both vertically and horizontally whilst the wire rope follows the users every movement remaining in constant tension, the block will automatically stop as soon as a fall occurs offering ultimate peace of mind and trust in this product and its functions. 


At the top of this block is a simple attachment mechanism in the shape of a screw locking karabiner with a screw thread this karabiner can be attached easily yet remains secure when in use.

Simply secure this to your attachment point, 

Screw Locking Karabiner -


Now your block is fixed in place you can attach this directly to your harness,

2 Point Comfy Fit Harness -


These are two products recommended with the Helixon wire rope fall arrest block. 


Fitted with a shock absorber this block greatly reduces strain or potential injury to the user if a fall is to occur, this works great alongside the internal braking mechanism which helps to reduce the fall arrest force to less than 6kN!

As stated previously working at height can be dangerous so make sure your equipment can handle the task, and this block certainly can. 






  • Fall arrest force is reduced to less than 6kN thanks to the internal braking mechanism
  • The Helixon fall arrest block has the ability to work effectively horizontally and vertically at a maximum user weight of 100kg
  • Attachment made simple and easy using the swivel snap hook that comes equipped with a fall indicator 
  • This fall arrest block is almost indestructible, this is due to the block itself being produced from incredibly durable and high impact polymer which in turn prevents breakages and greatly increases the life expectancy of this product. 
  • Conforming to all relevant standards (EN360, VG 11.060) and supplied with all relevant documentation such as certificates, you can rest assured this product is manufactured to the greatest of qualities and tested to prove it. 
  • With a wire rope diameter, this unit remains lightweight yet able to deal with 100kg capacity 
  • This fall arrest block has a resistance of 12kN and is made up of the following materials: Polymer & Alloy steel 
Max User Weight (Horizontal) 100Kg
Max User Weight (Vertical)  100Kg