Our Grade 10 20ft Container Chain Sling Kit includes the five chain slings required for use with a standard 3m container spreader lifting beam. Each sling is fully adjustable thanks to the addition of shortening clutches. Our grade 10 solution offers a higher capacity to weight ratio that makes our container chain kit super lightweight. At the top end of each sling is a 'masterlink' connection, on the top sling this connects to the crane hook, on the bottom slings these connect to the shackles suspended from the lifting beam.

Our container slings can terminate in either 'sling hooks with safety catches' (for quick and easy rigging) or in 'connecting links' for a more semi-permanent setup (ideal if these slings are only to be used for container lifting and you'd rather components weren't easy to lose and always linked)

  1. Top Sling (1): Double-legged 26mm grade 10 chain sling with a working load limit of 37.5T and a bearing to bearing effective working length of 2.5m (this can be shortened to 1.9m to allow for CofG adjustment)
  2. Bottom Slings (4): Single-legged 19mm grade 10 chain slings with a working load limit of 14.0T each and a bearing to bearing effective working length of 5.3m (this can be shortened to 4.6m to allow for CofG adjustment)

Does not include spreader beam, shackles or any other equipment only includes the above-mentioned chain slings (5pcs)

  • Grade 10 lightweight and easy to rig
  • Can be purchased with sling hooks fitted with safety catches or semi-permanent chain connectors (sometimes called hammer-locks)
  • 1 x Top Sling for connecting a lifting beam to a crane hook (double leg chain sling)
  • 4 x Bottom Slings for connecting to the shackles that connect to the container lifting lugs (single leg chain slings)