Load Arrestors are designed to provide a secondary safety back-up for overhead loads, used in conjunction with a primary lifting device such as a hoist or fixed anchor point. Should the primary support fail, the load arrestor will automatically stop loads from falling, preventing damage and unnecessary injury.


The G.Guard Load Arrestor from Globestock is available in safe working load limits from 300kg right up to 1500kg, as well as models in both high-grade galvanised steel or stainless steel.


Fitted with a high-strength retractable rope (either galvanised or stainless steel dependant on model selected) that automatically extends/retracts, following the movement of the attached load. This means that G.Guard can be fitted to dynamic loads (equipment that requires moving, as well as static (non-moving) loads.


Featuring a fall indicator lens and shock absorbing brake mechanism, the G.Guard is a cost-effective, straight-forward way of managing risk.




  • Capacity range: 300kg - 1500kg
  • Rope Lengths: 10m / 24m / 25m (product dependant)
  • Manufactured from high-grade galvanised steel (rope & shackles)
  • Shackles included
  • 2006/42/EC
  • Shock absorbing brake
  • Fall indicator lens
  • Rope automatically extends/retracts

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