The GIS GPM Electric Chain Hoist are Swiss manufactured, GIS electric hoists are trusted throughout the industry, providing flexibility, reliability and fantastic pricing strategies, the GIS hoist range are now in direct competition with some of the top branded hoisting unit's on the market. With safe working loads from 125kg to 1250kg the hard working, low wearing, reliable and easy to maintain hoist is ideal for a number of applications such as stationary, Jib cranes, GIS Crane systems and most standard set-ups. 

GIS's standard hoist range is suitable for most industrial applications, designed to work in the most extreme of conditions, capacities from 125kg to 1250kg. Hoist unit body and end covers are manufactured from die cast aluminium. Featuring a reliable, low-wear and easy to maintain design.
Can be used in conjunction with jib cranes, overhead travelling cranes and beam trolleys.

The GPM has a new innovative chain that has a higher cross-sectional area that reduces wear and increases the lifetime of the chain. The GP has a chain safety factor of at least 8-times (FEM, 2m, ISO, M5). The case hardened and manganese phosphate steel chain provides about 15% more capacity at an identical nominal diameter compared to the round steel chain.


  • Maintenance is easy with no special tools required
  • Designed for long life with heavy use
  • Full aluminium casting so there is no plastic found on this hoist
  • Simple, reliable, easy to use and maintain
  • Quiet operation with 5 pocket chain wheel
  • 400v, 3 phase, 50Hz or 220v, 1 phase, 50Hz
  • Standard height of lift 3 meters
  • Dual speed available with 400v 3 phase 
  • New profile chain carries heavier loads with extremely low wear 
  • IP65 as standard

                                                                                                               Single Phase

Capacity (kg) SKU Number Of Chain Falls  Power Hoist Speed (m/min) Beam Width (mm)
250 GP250/1NL-110v 1 110v 4m/min 50-99
500 GP250/2NL-110v 2 110v 2m/min 50-99
250 GP250/1NL-220v 1 220v 4m/min 50-99
500 GP250/2NL-220v 2 220v 2m/min 50-99
500 GP500/1NL-110v 1 110v 4m/min 50-99
1000 GP500/2NL-110v 2 110v 2m/min 50-99
500 GP500/1NL-220v 1 220v 4m/min 50-99
1000 GP500/2NL-220v 2 220v 2m/min 50-99

                                                                                                              Three Phase

Capacity (kg) SKU Number Of Chain Falls  Hoist Speed (m/min) Push Travel Beam Width (mm) Electric Trolley Beam Width (mm) Single / Dual Speed 
320 GP250/1N-400v 1 8m/min 50-99 50-99 Single Speed
630 GP250/2N-400v 2 4m/min 50-99 50-99 Single Speed
800 GP500/1N-400v 1 8m/min 50-99 50-99 Single Speed
1000 GP500/2N-400v 2 4m/min 50-99 50-99 Single Speed
1250 GP500/2N-400v 2 4m/min 76-139 76-139 Single Speed
400 GP250/1NF-400v 1 8&2m/min 50-99 50-99 Dual Speed
630 GP250/2NF-400v 2 4&1m/min 50-99 50-99 Dual Speed
800 GP500/1NF-400v 1 8&2m/min 50-99 50-99 Dual Speed
1000 GP500/2NF-400vDR 2 4&1m/min 50-99 50-99 Dual Speed
1250 GP500/2NF-400v 2 4&1m/min 76-139 76-139 Dual Speed