The Genie SLA range are well built robust and heavy duty material lifts designed to be functions, easy to use and long lasting. A patented lightweight aluminium telescoping mast reaches up to 4.98m (16ft 4") with a load capacity of 363kg (800lb) with a self-weight of just 151kg)

-The prefered material lift for the hire industry.


Accessories & Optional Extras- Genie SLA Features Explained


Wide Load? No Problem. - Straddle Base

Handling of palletised goods made simple with our straddle base chassis option. This option incorporates a special adjustable wide base to enable picking of pallets, steading larger loads and providing a wider stance to the unit. Easily adjusted via a built-in adjustment screw positioned upright at the rear of the base. Both legs operate telescopically on both sides giving complete flexibility whether you need to squeeze through a gap or pick a pallet from ground level. Increasing the internal distance from 80cm to 127cm meaning you can pick a Euro Pallet up from its longest side. Back in the early days, our own warehouse survived by shifting pallets from ground level with a straddle leg Genie SLA!



Can you reach that? - Fork Extensions

Lightweight aluminium box section extensions glide over the existing blue painted standard forks and secure in three pre-set positions via a tethered locking pin.

An essential accessory when buying your Genie lifter and included with most hired solutions as standard. Robust and designed with speed and safety in mind, the pre-defined positioning points reduce the machine's lifting capacity according to the label fixed to the rear of each unit.




Your Lightweight Manual Forklift - Flat Forks

Easily interchange the standard forks, boom or another accessory for the Flat Forks. Picking of pallets and utilising your Genie SLA as a lightweight manual forklift or stacker truck becomes easy, frequently combined with the straddle leg base to allow for pallet picking from ground level with a sound clearance.


A Little Something On Quality & Safety

Proudly manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards each Genie bolt is individually tensioned and marked with a visible torque strip for easy identification of loose fittings upon routine inspection. Clear markings and capacity tables are attached to every unit fixed to the rear of the mast. Safety is paramount when producing a quality winch stacker and Genie's winch cable failure protection system provides peace of mind in the event of a winch cable or winch failure. Should the winch fail, the mast detects a rapid descent and locks out to prevent further unintentional lowering, knowing you have these levels of protection are what help stay safe in the workplace.






It's a table, but it's not fine dining - Load Platform

Ideal for loading and unloading heavy loads, boxes and containers from low to full height, transport sacks, buckets and other bulky items. A top tip is to always secure your load before lowering and transportation. Securely attaching to the standard forks, the load table features a rear bottom hook design to lock in to place when sat flat on the forks.





Absolutely Booming! - Boom Attachment

Easy to swap out with the standard forks or any other Genie accessory is the adjustable boom with four quick-change lifting points, the boom comes complete with a special attachment point that is secured using a tethered locking pin in the same way as the fork extensions. Different working load limits are achieved at these four points and are clearly displayed on the safety notice located on the rear of the lifter.

Standard features: 


10cm front and 13cm rear casters with 4 way swivel locks and side brakes 

Compact folding design for simple and easy storage 

No tools required to complete setup

Single door access 



Mast assembly will remain in place during transport with the transport carriage lock 

The manual winch is one speed

Patented telescopic mast system

Standard forks

Winch locks load in place

Mast brake 


  • Lifting Height: 4.98m
  • Load Capacity: 363kg
  • Weight: 151kg
  • Heavy duty design
  • Easy to use