The Gator Grip Hydraulic Drum Pallet Loader DTH450 or also known as the DTF450 is mainly used for loading and unloading of pallets with either steel or poly drums with a capacity of 450kg The easy action hydraulic pump is foot operated and each trolley has 2 x fixed wheel's (front) and 2 x castor wheel's fitted with a brake (rear). 

 The clamp mechanism is very easy to position and grabs the drum by its rim, this means that the operator does not need to maneuver or even touch the drum by hand. A touch-sensitive release valve lowers the drum safely back to the ground. The DTH450 Has a maximum drum lifting height of 500mm but the bigger brother the DTH450H has a maximum drum lifting height of 800mm


* Also known as a DTF450 * 

Model Capacity (kg) Height (mm) Length (mm) Depth (mm) Maximum Drum Lifting Height  (mm) Drum Type Weight (kg) 
DTH450 450 1260 1090 855 500 Steel & Poly  108
DTH450H 450 1625 1090 830 800 Steel & Poly 113