Our range of Jib Cranes is becoming increasingly popular amongst many happy customers due to shortened lead times and lower prices than the competition. This Free Standing Jib Crane model comes in a variety of lifting capacities from 80kg-1000kg with column heights up to 6m while the arm is 2m in length (for other sizes see related products below). Supplied as standard in a powder coated yellow finish for indoor use, our Jib Cranes are also available Galvanised or Stainless Steel for outdoor applications upon special request.

Every Over-Braced Jib Crane is fitted with a super smooth running integrated push travel trolley designed to accommodate a hoist, vacuum lifter or tool balancer, simply hook or shackle into place. Supplied as an option complete with electrics for a hoist- cables supported by integrated cable trolleys within the jib arm ensuring efficient management of supply cables.

*Our Jib Cranes are made to order and are sometimes delivered in as quick as 10 days. Prices do not include installation, should installation be required please contact our sales team.

*Chain Hoist Sold Separately 

Electrics Kit Includes; 

  • Clamp Cable
  • Cable Trolleys
  • 4core 2.5mm Flat PVC Cable
  • 2x Flat Cable Glands


How to Order Your Hoist

In addition to your Free Standing Jib Crane will require a hoist of the equivalent capacity, here's how to get started:

  1. Select between the below-related products and take into consideration the below to ensure selection of the correct Chain Block or Electric Chain Hoist
  2. Ensure the hoist's SWL or Capacity is the same as the crane eg. 250kg Crane SWL = 250kg Hoist SWL 
  3. Select 'Hook Suspension' as the suspension method
  4. Decide on the hoists height of lift, this is the distance from the underside of the jib arm to the floor (also consider if lifting in and out of a pit or off a mezzanine floor that you may require an additional height of lift.
  5. Add to basket and checkout, if you need assistance simply contact our sales team!


Jib Crane Check List

  • Decide how high you need your jib crane and how long the arm needs to be
  • Specify and add the jib crane to your basket, electrics for a powered hoist if required
  • An integrated push trolley is fitted as standard (so no need to add a trolley with your hoist)
  • Select a Chain Block or Electric Chain Hoist with 'Hook Suspension' or 'Lug Suspension' and ensure the appropriate height of lift is selected, add to your basket (this is a separate item- please see below 'Related Products')
  • Check out and await delivery of your Jib Crane system in as little as 10 days.


PLEASE NOTE: PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE – These prices are accurate as of 11/05/2022 but due to the global steel market may fluctuate at any given time. We will continue to update these prices as when advised and aim to maintain accurate pricing. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Team for more information & quotations.

  • 270 degree manual slew of jib arm
  • Arm fitted with integrated push travel trolley
  • Arm fitted with optional festoon cable management system and electrics for hoist
  • Floor mounting/base plate fitted to column ready to mount on to existing floor

Free Standing Profile Jib Crane Dimensions

SWL (kg) Radius (mm) Kingpin Height (kg) Trolley Depth (mm) Pivot Point (mm) Arm Weight (kg)
80 2000 400 57 190 40
125 2000 400 57 190 40
250 2000 500 120 230 48
500 2000 600 141 260 51
1000 2000 600 202 315 91

*These dimensions may vary if the height of the jib crane (H) is increased or decreased


Base Plate Details


  J-Base450 J-Base600 J-Base700 J-Base850
D (mm) 450 600 700 850
d (mm) 380 255 300 250
No. of Holes 4 8 8 12
Hole Diameter (mm) 22 25 25 30
Min Thickness of Floor (mm) 130 135 165 160
Max Distance from Edge of Concrete (mm) 100 150 150 150
Grade of Concrete C30/37 C30/37 C30/37 C30/37
Bolt Size M16 M20 M20 M24
Diameter of Hole in Floor (mm) 18 24 24 28
Dept of Hole in Floor (mm) 80 90 90 100
Recommended Anchor Type HILTI-HY 200-A + HIT-V (8.8) HILTI-HY 200-A + HIT-V (8.8) HILTI-HY 200-A + HIT-V (8.8) HILTI-HY 200-A + HIT-V (8.8)