Lifting heavy loads in areas such as warehouses and construction sites, often exposed to the ever-changing elements – our forklift trucks are constantly under stress when undertaking their rigorous tasks.

Over time, the forks on your forklifts will become worn and unable to perform to efficiency and safety required. When this arises, it’s handy to be able to simply replace your ITA/FEM forks, and Invicta Attachments is just the place.

Invicta’s range of replacement forks cover the standard for the majority of industrial forklift trucks, with multiple hanging configurations from Class 2 and 3 with numerous differing under clearances, all easy to install.

  • Strong and durable
  • Ideal for replacing worn forks
  • Load capacity range: 2500kg to 5000kg
  • Multiple fork sizes and classes available
  • Easy installation

*Please see downloads for mounting diagram