Our Forklift Jib's are perfectly suited for when height is not an issue, but maximum lift capacity is critical. The Fork Mounted jibs slides straight on to your existing forks and this can be done by simply driving straight into the attachment and securing the heel pins. Designed to enable the movement of long and awkward loads from hard to reach areas with the potential of 4 different lifting centres. As standard, the jibs have multi-hook positioning ranging from 1000mm up to 1750mm load centres. All of the Fork Mounted Jib's come supplied complete with a single swivel hook and a bow shackle to suit. Manufactured to be robust and heavy duty, our jib features four different shackle suspension holes along the arm to achieve the perfect hook position. Safety as always is paramount and thanks to the zinc plated heal pins the jib stays securely in place on the forks without the requirement for safety chains which can easily be lost. Each forklift jib is fully certified and complete with documentation.

  • Maximum fork section 150x50mm at 435mm Centres
  • Zinc plated heel pins for safe attachment to a forklift truck
  • Painted bright orange for safety
Model Capacity (kg) At 1000mm Centres Capacity (kg) At 1250mm Centres Capacity (kg) At 1500mm Centres Capacity (kg) At 1750mm Centres Weight (kg) C Of G (mm)
IFJ-1.0-OP 1000 800 600 300 141 670
IFJ-1.5-OP 1500 1000 800 400 146 670
IFJ-2.0-OP 2000 1500 1000 600 152 670
IFJ-3.0-OP 3000 2000 1500 1000 159 670
IFJ-4.0-OP 4000 3000 2500 2000 171 670
IFJ-5.0-OP 5000 4000 3300 2800 183 670