Chain slings are commonly used for lifting items for four points, hence they make great tools for lifting unloaded and empty ISO shipping containers. Our Empty 20ft Container Lifting Sling Kit provides a four-legged grade 8 chain sling at 6m in length fitted with hooks. Ideally connected using Canlok CLT Top Container Lifting Lugs

Standard 20ft ISO Shipping Containers usually have a dry weight of around 2,300kg (5,071.5lbs) meaning that this sling will provide plenty of capacity to perform the task of lifting an unloaded and empty dry 20ft container.

NB. This kit should never be used to lift a loaded container and should never be used to lift any item weighing above the WLL of the chains regardless.

What's Included?

  • For lifting empty 20ft ISO shipping containers from a single point hook or crane
  • Quality Grade 8 10mm Chain and Fittings
  • 6m overall length (6m each leg from masterlink to hook)
  • Working Load Limit of 6.7Tonnes at 0-45 degrees, de-rated to 4.75Tonnes at 45-60 degrees
  • Includes certificate of conformity