Designed specifically for pouring concrete into formwork is the Concrete Column Pouring Skip from Eichinger. Robust manufacturing provides a final product fit for on-site use in construction and building sites. Complete with a flexible delivery hose attached via the gate our concrete pouring skip offers a capacity of 1000L at a weight capacity of 2400kg. The hose can be detached for pouring larger slabs. It's worth noting that we do offer alternative sizes available upon request. 

  • Heavy-duty kick down hopper to enable easier cleaning
  • Additional gate closing pulley to further user confidence
  • industrial heavy-duty design and robust construction for on-site use
  • Easily direct concrete via the attached delivery hose via the gate


Item Code SWL (KG) Capacity (Litres)

Height (MM)






Weight (Kg)
1034C.12 2400 1000 2750 1200 380