The Economy Drum Lifter (Loader) DTH is mainly used for high lifting or loading of drums onto vehicles, the low-level legs allow for pallet loading and unloading. The DTH product range is ideal for applications requiring a low profile lifter. Perfectly suited to lifting drums up to 305kg capacity (210 litre). The clamp mechanism is very easy to position and grabs the drum by the drum rim this means the operator does not need to maneuver around or even touch the drum by hand. a touch-sensitive release valve lowers the drum safely back down to the ground. the DTH350H is the high lift model that will allow the maximum drum lifting height of 1200mm, this model also has a high base and legs that are angled at 90 degrees so the truck can go over pallets to pick up drums.


Super high lifting height suited to cars and vans and small lorries.


  • Spring loaded clamp gives a secure hold on any rimmed drum.
  • Little effort required for operation.
  • Disassembling easy for small storage and transport cartons.
  • For use with steel drums only


* Also known as a WA30B * 

Model Capacity (kg) Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Max Drum Lift Height (mm) Drum Type Weight (kg)
DTH300 300 1560 900 870 800 Steel  82 
DTH350 350 1545 1146 1080 800 Steel  125
DTH350H 350 1860 870 1145 1200 Steel & Poly 137