Long shank Dynamo eyebolts are a versatile eyebolt as they have a larger eye than the normal collared eyebolt which can provide a more convenient attachment point. The extra width and height are more likely to allow a shackle pin or hook to go through the eye, it is important that the dimensions are checked to ensure you're shackles, hooks and eyebolts are compatible. Any attachment point to the eyebolts must move freely and not be wedged or forced into position. 


The long shank eyebolts are designed to fix through a thick surface material, please note they are not supplied with hexagon nuts so these will need to purchased separately to provide a secure single fixing point.


They are used for vertical lifting only and must never be used for angular loadings. It is important you inspect the eyebolts before use and before placing into storage. Please ensure that the eyebolt and tapped hole threads are compatible and strong enough for the load. 

  • Larger eye provides an easier attachment point
  • Longer length shank for fixing through thicker material
  • All eyebolts supplied with Safe Working Load (SWL) specifications clearly stamped on each Eye Bolt, the SWL stated is for vertical lifts only
  • Minimum breaking load is 5 x the W.L.L
  • To be used for vertical lifting only
  • Fully certified
Product Code W.L.L. A E F G H B D Weight
  t mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kgs
EBDLSM8 0.15 8 22 9.5 27 100 19 6 0.11
EBDLSM10 0.25 10 22 9.5 27 100 19 6 0.12
EBDLSM12 0.32 12 29 11 35 100 25 8 0.17
EBDLSM16 0.63 16 32 13 41 114 29 9.5 0.35
EBDLSM20 1.25 20 41 16 54 127 35 11 0.6
EBDLSM24 2 24 51 19 64 127 41 13 1.1