The LES Double Rim Grip Drum Grab Forklift Attachment utilises a top rim grip style set of top jaws to securely lift two drums at a time and is an ideal solution for turning your forklift into a multi-drum lifter. Each device allows drums to be lifted and placed onto the ground automatically without the driver having to leave the safety of his seat. 



  • Able to carry Two drums with the automatic grip lock.
  • Always maintains a positive grip over a rough floor surface.
  • Jaw Grip lock will NOT open and ensures safe secure drum transport.
  • Grip head is differently positioned to fit different height.
  • By using the DLFG2 make is easy to carry multiple steel drums safely.
Product Code Capacity (Kg) Drum Type  Drum Size (Gallons) Weight (Kg)
LESDLFG2 720kg (360kg Per Drum) Double Steel Drum 2 x 30 or 55 105