The DLFG1 Gator Grip Single Steel Drum Grab is an ideal solution for turning your forklift into a drum lifter.  The DLFG1 has an integrated gator grip which has fully adjustable height so you can always fit your drum. 



Product Code Capacity (Kg) Drum Type  Drum Size (litres / Gallons) Weight (Kg)
DLFG1 360 Single Steel Drum 210 / 55  60
  • Carry one drum by the automatic grip lock.
  • Maintains positive grip over a rough floor surface.
  • Gator Grip lock will NOT open and ensures safe secure drum transport.
  • Grip head is differently positioned to fit different height.
  • Easily carry and have much more safety.
  • Positive automatic grip action holds the drum securely on all terrains.