The DA40B Hydraulic Drum Stacker & Rotator is ideal for stacking drums up to 400kg (55 Gallons) and turning drums to 120 degrees for emptying. Compact and reliable, this drum stacker is superb value for money.

Product Code Capacity (Kg) Lifting Height (mm) Drum Size (Gallons) Weight (Kg)
DA40B 400 1350 55 190
  • Smooth and easy to lift, tilt and transport drums up to 55 Gallons.
  • Available to carry to rack (lower than 1350mm).
  • Reliable and compact mechanism system to fix onto drum.
  • Allows for locking drum in vertical or horizontal positions.
  • Allows for drum to be positioned for draining through a faucet.
  • Enables tilting of drum to 120 degrees.