Our Corner Drum Rotator range are manually operated hydraulic drum trucks that are designed for lifting, turning, mixing, emptying and transporting 210-litre steel and poly drums. Each trolley lets a single user pick up and transport either full or empty barrels awith ease. Designed for pallet loading and unloading. 


There are three different types of DTR350 firstly the Standard DTR350 which features an easy action hydraulic foot pump and hand operated decent control lever and manual drum turn operation through 90 - 180 degrees. Secondly, we have the DTR350W is pretty much the same as the first model but features a hand crank drum turner which allows the user to rotate the drum a full 360 degrees. Finally, we have the DTR350WP which is effectively the same ad the DTR350W but is suited for use with Poly drums. 

Model Capacity (kg) Length (cm) Height (cm) Depth (cm) Drum Type Maximum Drum Lifting Height (mm) Wheel / Castor Diameter     (mm)        Weight (kg) Rotation method Drum Rotation Angle
DTR350 350 126 107 89 Steel  500 125 Front 125 Rear 151 Manual 180 Degrees
DTR350W 350 126 107 89 Steel 500 125 Front 125 Rear 166 Hand Crank 360 Degrees
DTR350WP 350 126 107 89 Poly 500 125 Front 125 Rear 174 Hand Crank 360 Degrees