The TKG-VH range of crane forks are equipped with adjustable tines and have an adjustable height mast. The balancing system engages when the master link in manually hooked into the appropriate notch. The crane forks have a safety factor of 4:1 and are maintenance free. It has been painted in a highly visible safety colour so you should not miss this. The crane forks can be used for transporting rings or coils, this is possible by simply pushing the forks closer together. This makes it very easy to adjust the tines for all different pallet sizes. The crane forks are supplied with a length of chain for securing the load. 

Model WLL (kg) Adjustment Of Tines (A) (mm) Useable Height (B) (mm) Length Of tines (C) (mm) Section Of Tines (D) (mm) Overall Height (E) (mm) Weight (kg)
TKG1.0vh 0-1000 350-900 1100-1600 1000 100x30 1390-1890 130
TKG2.0vh 0-2000 400-900 1300-2000 1000 120x40 1640-2340 200
TKG3.0vh 0-3000 450-900 1300-2000 1000 120x50 1670-2370 250
TKG5.0vh 0-5000 500-1000 1300-2000 1000 150x60 1700-2400 370