Camlok Shearlegs are the ultimate 'pop-up' mobile suspension solution for hoists and rigging, commonly used in maintenance applications such as man-hole lifting operations and applications where lifting in and out of a pit require a temporary overhead suspension point. Easy to assemble and compact to transport, Camlok Shearlegs include lower safety chains to avoid overextension of the legs further than the maximum 20 degrees by simply chaining them together as illustrated in the above image. Each set includes an eyebolt suspension point for easy hanging of hand operated lifting gear.

  • Safety chains
  • Suspension point
  • Foldable compact design
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
Model WLL kg Height To Eye mm Leg Length mm PCD 'E' mm Weight kg
SL0.500/2 500 2000 2254 1800 24
SL1000/2 1000 2000 2276 1816 33
SL1000/3 1000 3000 3340 2544 44
SL2000/3 2000 3000 3366 2554 71
SL3000/3 3000 3000 3409 2730 88

*Camlok SL Shearlegs should never be used for lifting personnel. Height Safety tripods are available in our Height Safety section.