This product truly revolutionised the lashing market, offering a solution to all those who dread using Ratchet Straps the Retractable Ratchet Strap takes all the stress away that comes with using traditional lashing straps. No longer is there a need to feed webbing into the ratchet whilst trying to keep the hooks in their anchor points, with the Retractable Ratchet Strap you simply hook and crank away! As you operate the ratchet the webbing is tightened and then released by pressing the red button, when you're ready to retract simply hold down the red button and the webbing is automatically retracted using a spring-loaded mechanism.

  • Red button releases and retracts ratchet
  • Easy to use ratchet, simply crank away
  • No need to feed any webbing into the ratchet, the is a one-part lashing!
  • 600kg or 1500kg
  • 1.8m or 3m