What are they?

Columbus Mckinnon (Yale) worked with Airbus, the worlds largest aircraft manufacturer who were looking for a solution to safely stabilise aircraft engines which allows engineers to maintain and build said engines. While working closely with aerospace engineers they came to modify their already popular Yale 360 chain hoist to suit aircraft bootstrap kits. 


Aerospace hoists - an industry necessity:


The aerospace industry now has a unified product line that will suit the bootstrap kit, no more spending hours working with procurement companies comparing dimensions, product reliablility and suitability. If it's good enough for Airbus, it's good enough for all other aerospace engineers. 


Why can't I just use a normal manual chain hoist?


"Aerospace hoists cost money because they save money"

Theoretically, you could use a normal hoist. However, why would you use a £100 hoist that's not foolproof & specific to lifting a multi-million pound engine? It just doesn't make sense. Yale's hoists have been specially redisgned to do one thing and one thing only. Tried and tested by world-leading aeronautical engineers, these hoists are built for correct application which demand for precision, reliability and where mistakes are not an option.




Warranty, Quality & Certification

All Yale aerohoist units are complete with a 12-month warranty, we stand by the quality of Yale products and each product has its own unique branded design which features the above-known differences, and enhancements. Each unit is fully CE marked and complete with an individual serial number and EU Declaration of Conformity certificate to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


Aircrafts that use Yale bootstrap kits:

  • A3380 Rolls-Royce, Engine-Alliance
  • A318 Pratt & Whitney
  • A350 Rolls-Roye
  • A330 Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney
  • A330 GE
  • A340 500/600
  • A320/A319/A321 A318 CFM
  • A340 Basic
  • A320
  • A320 Neo CFM
  • A320 neo PW
  • A330 neo






Material Number Aero References Type of product Type of AIRCRAFT Position on Boostrap
N01541629 AEROD85MH-6T3,5M D85 6T HOL 3.5m A330 et A340 500/600 FWD / REAR
N04700126 AEROYL10TMH-3B6M YALELIFT360 10T  HOL 6m  A380 Rolls-Royce et A380 Engine-Alliance FWD
N04700114 AEROYL2T-1B6M-SC YALELIFT360 2T 1 HOL 6m  A380 Rolls-Royce et A380 Engine-Alliance REAR
N04700127 AEROYL3T-1B3M YALELIFT360 3T 1 HOL 3m  A318 Pratt & Whitney  
N01541631 AEROC85-3T3M C85 3T HOL 3m  A320/A319/A321/A318 CFM FWD / REAR
G01541632 AEROC85-3T4M C85 3T HOL 4m  A340 Basic FWD / REAR
192059298 AEROYL5TMM-2B4M-MH0° YALELIFT360 5T 2  HOL 4m  A350 Rolls-Royce FWD
192040463 AEROYL5TMM-MH90°-2B4M YALELIFT360 5T 2  HOL 4m  A330 NEO  
192032353 AEROYL5TMM-2B2M-MH0° YALELIFT360 5T 2  HOL 2m  A320 Neo motor PW  
192053902 AEROYL5TMM-2B2M-MH90° YALELIFT360 5T 2  HOL 2m A320 Neo motor CFM  
N04700115 AEROYL2TML-1B4M YALELIFT360 2T 1 HOL 4m  A350 Rolls-Royce REAR
N04700131 AEROYL3TMM-1B4M YALELIFT360 3T 1 HOL 4m  A330 NEO  
N04700132 AEROYL2TMM-1B2M YALELIFT360 2T 1 HOL 2m  A320 Neo  
192056265 AEROD85-3T3M D853t HOL 3m A320  


Key to identifying Hoist and position on the bootstrap kit:


MM Top and bottom  end fitting / chape haute et basse
MH Top end fitting only / chape haute seulement
ML Bottom end fitting only / chape basse seulement
-1B 1 fall / 1 brin de chaine
-2B 2 falls / Mouflage 2 brins
-3B 3 falls / Mouflage 3 brins
-P External protection of hand chain / Protection chaine de manœuvre
xM HOL x m / Hauteur de levée de x mètres
-B Top end fitting block rotation / Blocage rotation chape haute
-SC Slip Clutch / Limiteur de couple



Why Yale?



Yale have over 140 years of experaince when it comes to hoisting. The most popular


manual hoists (Pullift & Yalelift360) has had millions of Euro's invested in the design


and are now the most recognised hoists for inovation in the industry. However, they


didn't stop there. Yale (Columbus Mckinnon) went on redesign the hoist to suit the


Aerospace market. The Yalelift360 allows you to work from any direction, this aids


the user massively when working in the confined space under the jet engins hood.


Contsant review and testing of the Aero Hoists each year with aerospace


engineer focus groups keeps allowing yale to improve the reliability & precision for


the assembly and disassembly of aircraft engines.

  • Miniumum 2 weeks lead time from point of order
  • Manufactured in France