With the Great British cold snap about to hit us, it’s advised that we are fully prepared if we are wanting to maintain productivity and safety on site – no matter where we work.


We’ve seen it in the past how troublesome and disruptive heavy snow fall can be, so why not stay a step ahead of the elements and invest in a high-quality adjustable snow plough.


Manufactured to the highest standards, this adjustable snow plough from forklift specialists Contact Attachments is just the ticket to clear that unwanted snow from your car park, yard or any other outdoor area.


Installation is easy: simply ensure the screw clamps on the pockets are unscrewed to allow your forklift forks to enter. Drive the truck into the pockets as far as possible, then tighten the clamps ensuring you achieve adequate retention.


Blades are always adjustable by removing the lynch pins, shift the blade to the desired angle/position, replace both drop pins and re-fit the lynch pins. This simple adjustment gives you the ability to sweep left, right or straight ahead.


Finally, castors and rubber blade inserts are fitted as standard.

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Simple installation
  • Castors and rubber inserts as standard
  • Adjustable blade angle