Making Your Money Go Further

Why pay upfront for a high value purchase in a time like this? Take advantage of low rates of interest and spread the cost of your next investment with LES. Competitive purchase finance packages are available on all purchases over £500, our finance partner offers various products/plans to carefully tailor to your payment needs.


Types of Assett Finance:

  • Hire purchase- very similar to a lease, however you agree to purchase the item and therefor own the item at the end of the payment term, this is normally in the form of a final payment automatically or on a final option to purchase fee.
  • Lease finance- similar to hire purchase but more commonly you do not become the owner of the goods, however normally there is an option to purchase.
  • Loan- our partners are able to tailor loads from industry friendly firms offering flexible load funding to suit your individual needs.



  • Fast decisions
  • Experts compare from multiple lenders
  • Minimum upfront outlay
  • Tax advantages
  • Budgeting
  • Certainty
  • Options to own
  • Refinance options

Financing purchases from LES can provide better company cash flow by spreading payments over a number of months or years, making that large ticket item or solution a sooner reality and a lesser burden to cashflow.

Talk to a member of the team today about financing your next purchase from LES.