Which Machine Skate Should I Buy and Why?17th August 2021

Machine skates, or moving skates are key industrial equipment in warehouses in which heavy loads and machinery are often moved around. Whether transporting a washing machine across a room, or moving commercial equipment through the workplace, a sturdy skate can make the process run a whole lot smoother.

However, with such a variety of machine moving skates available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Ranging between smaller economy models, all the way to larger industrial machine skates, there are a number of factors that play into which skate will fit well into your workplace.

Whether you need something with slicker steering, or a skate that carries the heaviest loads, this article should give you the confidence you need to make the proper purchase. Throughout the article we will explain what each type of skate does, and the kinds of things it is useful for, as well as showing some examples so you know what to look for.

If you still have questions at the end of this article, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Lifting Equipment Store, and a member of our expert team will guide you to make the perfect choice.

P.S. Remember to check out our range of jacks and other lifting equipment to help get your load onto the skate, and always clear your pathways of debris before moving. Avoiding injury is the name of the game!


These are essentially the cheapest, most lightweight skates that you can buy. They are perfect for more domestic tasks, such as transporting a fridge or dishwasher, and can be really handy for interior design projects. The cheapest options are generally not as versatile as their more expensive counterparts, but they are still effective at carrying heavy loads.

Economy single load skates tend to carry between around 1tonne to 6tonnes, which is often reflected by the number of rollers in their design. You can also get these skates with towing handles, allowing for smoother steering.


LES Single Machine Moving Skate

Key Features/Specifications:

·       Nylon rollers for smooth transport – no marks on floors

·       1-6tonne capacity (intervals)

·       Rubber surface to prevent loads slipping

·       Priced between £38.50 and £87.10 depending on capacity


LES Steerable Moving Skate with Casters

Key Features/Specifications:

·       Either 2 or 4 steerable nylon rollers with casters for easier cornering etc

·       1 tonne capacity

·       Rubber surface to prevent loads slipping

·       Priced between £85.80 and £141.43 depending on the number of steerable rollers


Steerman Steerable Skates LX Series

Key Features/Specifications:

·       Made with towing handle for easier steering

·       3-6tonne capacity

·       Priced between £96.25 and £240 depending on capacity




These are a slight level up from the more basic skates in terms of price and practicality. Rotatable skates are made with smoother movement capabilities, along with steering handles to offer more control. Fitted with swiveling casters, these skates are perfect for moving heavy loads around in tighter spaces. Lightweight, and designed for easy use, these skates are generally not able to carry the heaviest loads, generally maxing out at around 6tonnes.


LES Rotating Machinery Moving Skate 360° Dolly

Key Features/Specifications:

·       360° heavy-duty swiveling casters

·       1500mm steering rod

·       4-6tonne capacity

·       Priced between £165 and £229 depending on capacity








Perfect for more heavy-duty industrial moving tasks, these kits are made of multiple weight bearing parts for larger, heavier loads. They are generally designed with a front rolling skate that pivots on ball bearings, fitted with a steering handle for control, along with two connectable fixed rear skates that can be connected by a tie bar. This allows you to direct whatever machinery you are moving at the head of the kit, while the skates at the back help to support the mass. It’s actually pretty similar to how the wheels of a car work!

These heavy load moving skates are definitely a better choice for warehouse work over domestic challenges, and while that is reflected in their price, they are definitely an invaluable investment if needed.


LES Machine Moving Skate Kit

Key Features/Specifications:

·       Available with a capacity between 8-24tonnes

·       Sturdy steel roller wheels

·       Steering handle, tie bar, and all skates included

·       Priced between £249.98 and £435 depending on capacity



LES 32,000KG Machine Skate Loading System

Key Features/Specifications:

·       32tonne capacity

·       Heavy-duty welded construction

·       Fixed rubber matting for safety

·       Priced at £899







The machine skate that you should choose really depends on what it is that you need.

 If you’re moving smaller, but still heavy items such as domestic white goods like fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers, perhaps a single load economy skate is perfect for you.

If you’re moving similar loads around the workplace but your space is often cramped with other products and machinery, then a rotating, or at least steerable option with a handle is probably what you need.

And if you know that you’re going to be regularly moving large heavy loads of industrial machinery then it’s likely that shelling out for a full skate kit or system will be the proper choice for your workplace.

If you’re still not sure on which machine moving skate you should invest in, then contact a member of our team for further advice, they will be happy to lead you in the right direction