Which Lifting Clamp Is Right For Me?26th June 2017

Here at LES we have a huge range of lifting clamps for all different types of applications so there is always going to be the perfect clamp for you!

The Camlok CZ 'Heavy Duty' Vertical Plate Lifting Clamps are ideal for lifting heavy sheet metal and steel plates in a vertical position, as well as rotating through 180˚. The CZ lifting clamps are extremely robust and have a capacity range from 1000kg all the way up to 30,000kg. 


The CZ vertical plate lifting clamps can also be used for transporting steel constructions and profiles. It is recommended to use a pair of the CZ clamps in conjunction with a spreader beam for long materials that have a tendency to slag of flex. 


The jaw is opened and closed with a locking lever. The safety lock spring loads the cam jaw, preventing the clamp from opening even when there is no load.


These plate clamps are service friendly, making it easy to exchange parts, which are always available. The CZ clamps are designed to be an extremely heavy duty and robust. All the Camlok lifting clamps are manufactured here in the United Kingdom.


The Camlok CH/HH Horizontal Plate Clamps have been specifically designed to be used in pairs, for the transportation of plate bundles as well as single plates with a minimum thickness of 5mm. The HH plate clamps incorporate all the same features as the CH clamps but are manufactured from a high strength steel giving them exceptionally low tare weights. The CH/HH have a maximum capacity of 20,000kg for the CH and 8000kg for the HH model. 


A pair of clamps used with a two-legged chain sling is suitable for small plates. It is recommended to use two pairs in conjunction with a spreader beam for handling larger plates, these units are supplied as standard with a smooth jaw but there is also an option of a hardened steel teeth for those special applications. 



The Ultralift Plus Lifting Magnet is ideal for general purpose lifting of flat ad round loads. The Ultralift Plus features a patented 'Saftey Shim' which allows the user to pre-test any load to ensure there is a 3-1 safety factor. The unique lifting eye mechanism prevents the lifting magnet from being switched off while a load id being held. 



The Ultralift has four really special safety features:


Safety Catch - Locks the handle in the on position, providing a robust and positive lock to the switching mechanism. 


Lifting eye - Once the eye is under tension the mechanism locks the handle to ensure the magnet can't be released.


HandBrake Release - The magnet can be easily released by one hand


Safety Shim - The only permanent lifting magnet on the market to be supplied with a safety shim, this allows pre-testing of the load no matter what weight, material, thickness or surface condition 


To view the rest of our growing range of lifting clamps and magnets please follow this link or if you can not find what you are looking for please challenge us to find the perfect clamp for you. If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to call on of our friendly team members on 01384 567430