What's In The Big Green Containers? Lifting Equipment Store Launch Own Brand; LES21st October 2018

It is with great pleasure that I announce our own brand of lifting, material and drum handling equipment branded under the LES name. 'LES' by Lifting Equipment Store takes the standardised products that the industry loves to the next level in quality, innovation and affordability! We've carefully selected world-class manufacturers to produce only the best and nothing less. You can be assured that thanks to our ISO 9001:2015 certification we are required to ensure full traceability as well as audit suppliers and products on a regular basis. Every product we produce conforms to European standards and is fully CE compliant.

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Thanks to our shipping partners being so swift, the container arrived at 08:30 sharp and Symon and Ellis of our team (including myself playing the role of forklift operator) quickly jumped into action whilst the others held the fort over at our office. The container was relatively easy to unload thanks to everything being palletised on high-quality pallets (every little counts!) within an hour we had the whole thing empty and ready to begin shipping all the pre-orders we had accumulated the week before (thank you to everyone that held on!). 



























In addition to this being a very exciting moment for us all, we had the pleasure of unloading this stock straight into our new additional warehouse located just 200 yards from our office. (and already looking for more space!)

We're proud that our brand represents safety and practicality at the highest level, our technical team audit every manufacturer we work with and hold extensive technical files for each product we put our name to. The whole team are really pleased with the quality of our first shipment, however, it comes as no surprise given the attention to detail and quality of materials used throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Having more stock means having more hands- LES is now recruiting for a Sales Executive, Marketing Executive and Warehouse Operative, should you or anyone you know be interested please contact a member of our team.

Stay tuned as we launch further products!


Will Dunn, Sales Director








Left to right: Symon (Sales Manager), Myself and Ellis (Marketing Exec)


Just Some of The LES Material Handling Range:

Your Special Requests Answered:

Furniture Movers

Due to popular demand, we've chosen to design and manufacture two new sizes; 2700kg and 3600kg. These aren't really designed for lifting furniture (unless you can find anything that heavy in your home!) but more for easy transportation of small machinery. The extra deep toes gain a good grip under heavy equipment and are fully adjustable to avoid obstacles and unwanted points of pressure.

Container Moving Skates

We're forever getting asked for container moving skates that don't cost the earth. Together with our manufacturers we have designed and produced our heavy duty container moving skates with integrated container twist-locks for essential safety and stability. Perfect for the ad-hoc moving of shipping containers around small yards- for intense port-type use we recommend our Haacon skates.

Low Profile Engine Cranes- Heavy Duty

You asked, we answered. Thank you to every customer who asked us for a low profile engine crane. The SCB engine crane has exactly what you're looking for when it comes to a low-entry engine crane for getting under tight cars or machinery.