What is a Forklift Tipping Skip and is it the Right Option for Your Site or Environment?20th May 2021

A forklift tipping skip is a popular forklift attachment for the transport and disposal of waste. It can be used in a vast array of environments and comes with a variety of adaptable features – bespoke designs are also available on request. All in all, a forklift tipping skip will offer excellent value for money and will be a highly efficient solution to assist you with waste management. Learn more about how they work so you can decide if this will be the right solution for you.

What is a Forklift Tipping Skip?

A forklift tipping skip is a forklift attachment which is used to safely hold, transport and dispose of waste. Also known as roll forward skips, help to keep sites safe and tidy. Attaching easily and securely onto a forklift, they are versatile and efficient. Make waste management easier, safer and simpler, especially in a busy environment. The fact that they are compatible with a forklift makes them a popular lifting solution, as they save space, time and money while making waste disposal more efficient.


Applications for a Forklift Tipping Skip – Will it be Right for You?

Forklift tipping skips are hardy and durable, allowing them to withstand harsh conditions on site. This makes them suitable for a whole host of environments, including warehouses, construction sites and factories. In a busy environment, it is absolutely essential that flexible waste management is readily available. Can be used as required, when are where suits you best, which is one of the key reasons why it is such a successful option for a whole host of challenging environments.


How Does a Forklift Tipping Skip Work?

A forklift tipping skip works by collecting waste conveniently together so it can be transported and disposed of. These are some of the key features:

• Safe working load of up to 2,200kg – it is very important this is not exceeded. Tipping skips, as with any forklift attachment, must be used as intended to ensure safety.

• Capacity of up to 1.8m3 – again, this should never be exceeded.

• Bright orange standard finish for full visibility on site (other colours are available on request).

• Folded top sides provide optimum rigidity.

• Four-way entry and a four-fork pocket chassis for ultimate versatility and easy accessibility.

• Positive heel pin retention.

• Double pressed returns on bodyside.

• Manual locking catch for the retention spring, preventing accidental unloading.

• Fully welded body to prevent leaking.


Customising a Forklift Skip to Meet All Your Needs

There are also added extras that can be chosen to customise the skip. Comes as standard with manual operation, but for automatic tipping, a simple conversion kit can be fitted – just ask for further details if interested. There is also the option to add on a lid, which will keep waste safely in the intended place as well as deterring passers by from putting unauthorised waste into the skip. This can be a major problem if the forklift has to be left in a public place. The range supplied by us are made in the UK, which allows for simple, quick and affordable customisation. Skips can be different colours, can have various additional features and accessories, and can be made to suit your intended purpose. Some customers ask for features such as extra large castors, crane lifting lugs and soundproof rubber linings inside the skip – we will happily accommodate these requests and any others you might have.


Buying a Forklift Tipping Skip

Buying a forklift tipping skip that is made in the UK allows you to specify exactly what you need and get the best possible value for money. Talk to us about your options and specify your lifting skip – just get in touch.