Visiting Columbus McKinnon5th September 2018

Tuesday began as an early morning start in order to arrive in Chester for 09:30, regrettably we both forgot that our location is blessed with a pretty much direct route to North Wales and into Chester without touching the dreaded Motorway, of course, we love a challenge (ha) so naturally we headed for the motorway.....which was as packed as a tin of sardines! (I'm still working on convincing the accounts department a helicopter is worth the investment, maybe they'll agree with me someday!).

As we arrived just a tad late at the mighty Columbus McKinnon Corporation (CMCO) we were greeted by the friendly and familiar face of Lee Carter and introduced to the team- it's great to finally put a face to so many names after working so closely every single day with these awesome ladies and gents for so many years! 

Post introductions myself and Ellis were lead on an in-depth tour of the impressive production facility and what a superb experience it was to see some of the products we sell every single day manufactured with such attention to detail. Every minuscule detail matters to CMCO, they think about and test their products beyond most manufacturers, their data is extensive and their knowledge, infinite. With many products in our market being manufactured around the world, it's rare to see such still happening here in the UK. The Camlok and Steerman ranges of equipment from CMCO boast that every component is manufactured here in the UK, and it really is.

Our day concluded with a working lunch and catch up with Steve Sherwin (Managing Director), Rob Wood (Sales Manager) and Lee Carter (Business Development Manager) where many further opportunities were discussed.

We both took a huge amount from the tour and would like to thank all the staff at CMCO for their extended hospitality during our visit and dedicated efforts they put in every day for LES and our customers, we couldn't ask for a better partner.

Oh, and on the way back- we took the quick route home!! 

-Will Dunn, Sales Director

Each station here specialises in manufacturing or assembling and testing a different product from the CMCO range, firstly Camlok clamps, in the middle Steerman skates (a huge 100t kit was in production as we passed!) and finally our favourite station- Chain Hoists!

Chain hoist assembly and testing area, these guys are flat out hard working all day long to get your hoists to you on time! (We've very grateful of their efforts!)

Camlok components laser cut from raw materials in-house

Camlok CLT Container Lifting Lugs in production


In-house powder coating ensures a better quality product in less time- efficiency is a high priority at CMCO and they consistently work above target!