Two new faces join team LES as rapid expansion continues for 20202nd March 2020

Better late than never. The reason I say that is because this news article should have been written and released two months back when both of the now key members joined our team, but day-to-day business and travel can easily get in the way and whilst I would have loved to post this back then, I cannot turn back time and be it a blessing in disguise, as I certainly have a lot more to say now than back in January!


"I figured we had the perfect opportunity!"

On January 2nd we welcomed our Marketing Executive Ashley Griffiths. Having worked with Ashley as a supplier sales contact since the early days of LES, me and the team got to know him very well on a business level. Through years of experience in the industry, Ashley developed an extensive knowledge base in not only sales and customer support, but also in manufacturing with a skill set that is hard to find these days.

It was during chilly December evening that I just so happened to bump into Ashley at the local watering hole near our office and he informed me that he had with regret moved on from his previous employer and was looking for a new and exciting challenge. After a lengthy discussion about personal and business interests, mindsets and skillsets that had never been tested along with holding a highly respected qualification with LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) and a passion for photography combined with media and graphic design experience, I figured we had just the opportunity! Ashley is now happily settled into his new position at LES and enjoying the challenges that come with the job as well as advancing his education in marketing with a night course at Worcester College.


"When you know, you know!"

During late December I took the opportunity to travel for business to conduct supplier audits and visit customers in Asia (China, Thailand and Singapore), my family and friends told me I was insane as I would be stood in freezing cold Shanghai on Christmas day watching containers being loaded whilst everyone else was sat spending time with their loved ones toasting in front of an open fire opening presents. Family time is important to me, but this trip was one I certainly have no regrets about.

As I made my way down from Shanghai to Bangkok, sifting through hundreds of CV's and applications, it was January 5th I received a CV in my inbox from a chap named James Poole who had applied for the position of Warehouse & Logistics Operative. I was instantly intrigued since it suggested he had high levels of competence having completed a lengthy apprenticeship in Trade Business Services which incorporated Sales, Health & Safety, Logistics and Inventory Management to name but a few combined with a forklift truck and a Category C HGV licence meaning he is able to operate a heavy goods vehicle up to the weight of 32tonnes! Albeit we don't have any HGV's in our fleet- it was impressive and displayed the type of competence we were seeking. I immediately arranged a mutually convenient time and we briefly discussed the opportunity via phone, I explained to James that I would be out of the country for another two weeks yet could not pass upon the opportunity to take this further.

I got that feeling. They say "When you know, you know!" I instantly called our office and spoke to our manager Symon about it, I was like an excitable kid "We've found him! I'm telling you!! You have to meet him ASAP!" Symon and James arranged a face-to-face discussion and he got the same feeling, upon my return to the UK we welcomed him to the team on January 20th. James is now thoroughly enjoying his career at LES and will further his education through an Overhead Crane Operator course in May.

Here are the two happy faces who joined us in January:

                                                             Ashley                                                                                                  James

Recruiting is a funny old thing, it has been a real challenge for me over the years, finding the right person for a role in such a niche industry makes it a real tough game. Question is do you delve into the depths of highly competitive (and sometimes ruthless) recruitment companies, or do you post out roles within your own network of contacts via mediums such as LinkedIn, Facebook (or even the pub!) in the hope someone you know nibbles? I've tried both and found the latter to be a much more effective solution both in terms of cost and time. Of course, there will be a time where we engage with a recruitment company but in my experience, the best employees are gained through years of networking in the right circles and developing relationships with people you trust. 


-Will Dunn, CEO