The Imer ES150 Scaffold Hoist: Now just £649!14th February 2018

The Imer ES150 Scaffold Hoist is one of our most popular builder's winches, and it’s now available to buy from LES for just £649.00 (ex VAT).

Proudly made in Italy, the Imer ES150 has revolutionised the way materials are lifted on building sites. Productivity is dramatically increased by speeding up the lifting process, whilst workers are also able to spend more time installing goods rather than transporting them, so the tricky part becomes easy! With a lifting height of up to 30m at a speed of 18.5m/min with a load of 150kg, it’s suitable for a diverse range of industries, and there are plenty of accessories to choose from on our website.

With a saving of over £175, there has never been a better time to upgrade your hoist. The Imer ES150 has been constructed from quality materials, which result in premium industrial strength, so it’s a builder’s best friend. It’s also commonly found in hire fleets, which is a testimony to their superb quality.

A standard, it’s conveniently running on the typical UK building site power supply of 110v single phase 50hZ, however, you can make a special enquiry for any other voltages as these can often be obtained from the factory. This robust hoist is designed for outdoor use with an IP67 plug (110v) and an IP65 push button pendant control station, whilst the kit we supply in this package comes with the scaffold clamps and essential fittings required to begin using the hoist.

When you buy from LES, you not only get the lowest possible price, but this lightweight and innovative hoist will also be shipped with next day UK mainland delivery, whilst same day dispatch is available for orders before 2pm.