Spring Balancers7th October 2020

Spring balancers are used by workers in various industries to improve organisation, efficiency and safety. By giving the worker a greater degree of control over their equipment, they can help produce better results and make processes more economical.

Spring balancers have a number of applications and they are regularly used with a variety of equipment, including welding and measuring machines, air compressors, X-ray apparatus, paint spraying tools and power tools.


Learn more about spring balancers and how they work

Spring balancers (also known as tool balancers) are used to suspend equipment and control its range of motion, making it simpler and quicker to use. The operative can arrange their workstation easily, and tools will be balanced and more manageable – especially heavy ones which might otherwise be easily dropped.

By making it simpler and more efficient to use a variety of tools, spring balancers also improve safety. They reduce the risk of human error and ensure that tools don’t get in the way of work, as well as preventing them falling, whilst still keeping them close by and easily accessible.

Spring balancer features and specifications:

• Consist of a spiral groove on a tapered drum

• Allow tools to be used with no heavy lifting

• Enclosed body design to prevent injury

• Anti-wear features to protect aluminium housing – these can easily be replaced

• Can hold loads between 0.5kg and 300kg

• Effective working lengths of up to 2.3m

The key benefits for operatives include:

• Easy access to tools

• Customisable workstations

• Less chance of dropping equipment, which could cause injury and damage

• The ability to attach multiple tools to each spring balancer by using individual extendable support cables

• Quality products from reliable, trustworthy names – some of the most well known in the industry

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