Semi Electric Hydraulic Hand Stackers from LES30th November 2019

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Semi Electric Hydraulic Hand Stacker

LES Semi electric hydraulic hand stackers

One of the product categories that we cover at LES is hand stackers, which are used to raise and lower loads weighing up to 5 Tonnes. Our own-branded semi electric hydraulic hand stackers make it easier than ever to work with stacker trucks, as they come complete with a fully electric lift function. Manual push and pull is the only function that needs to be carried out by hand, so the benefits for you are:

• A safer, simpler process

• Less chance of injury

• Reduced risk of repetitive strain injury from lifting and stacking

• Increased productivity due to a quicker process

Overall, making lifting processes more automated with the use of electricity is a smart move for operators and for businesses. This will benefit everyone, from the managers overseeing operations, to those operating machines and completing lifting processes.

The features and benefits of LES semi electric hydraulic hand stackers

The LES semi electric hand stacker has the following features:

• A rugged steel construction

• 12v electric motor powering the lift function

• Built-in charger

• Lifts up to 1,000kg

• Works at a rate of 90mm per second

• Lifts to a maximum height of 1.6m

• Has a lowered fork height of 85mm

• Forks that are fully adjustable

Please note that this stacker is suitable for use with open bottom pallets only.

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