Safety Harness Kits for Working at Height13th April 2016

Safety harness kits are the simple, cost-effective way to obtain all of the height safety equipment you need. The height safety harness kits which we supply are designed with specific industries in mind to make sure that they include everything a professional will need. All of the components are available individually as well, but if you need to find everything all in one place, opt for a safety harness kit which has been compiled specifically for your purpose.

Here are just some of the industries which we provide safety harness kits for:


We have a couple of different options available for scaffolders, from top brands such as Yale, Kratos and Tractel. They offer harnesses that are tailored to scaffolding with the right kinds of lanyards and clips for the job. Some also include a carry bag.


Yale height safety kits for construction offer a two point harness as well as an anchor sling. You can also choose from options like a fall arrest block and webbing retractor. Yale is an excellent brand to choose and these harnesses will leave construction workers well protected.


We offer roofing kits which contain everything you need to complete roofing work safely and efficiently. Tractel and Yale offer kits for roofers, and as two of the leading names in the industry, you can guarantee that the protection you’ll be receiving will be second-to-none.

Industrial Maintenance

The industrial harness combo kits have been carefully put together to protect workers in the industrial maintenance sector. They come with a range of detachable accessories that will help you to stay safe wherever you might be working.

We also offer safety harness kits for riggers, tree surgeons and linesmen who are working at height on pylons. Have a look through our selection of kits and find the ones which suit your purpose.

If you’d like to ask any further questions about any of our height safety kits, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you. We can advise on the right equipment for your needs and will be able to give you expert advice regarding any of our products. To contact the team, fill in the online form on our contact page or call 01384 567430.