Raising Money For Great Causes6th July 2020

A huge thank you to all of our customers who placed orders with us online throughout the month of June, your online orders raised £131.85 for the University Hospitals Birmingham Charity!

Thus far, at the time of writing, together we have raised 93% of our £500 target which we set out to achieve by August. This is an excellent achievement, it's now highly likely that we will exceed our initial target goal which is a further positive step and the funds go towards great causes like critical supplies that are frequently replenished throughout the pandemic peak and other procurement of equipment such as the mass ICU extensions that have taken place in record times. Since things are beginning to stabilise with the pandemic situation, replenishing these huge 'wipeouts' of supplies and getting back to normal will be a further huge cost and we're proud to be supporting that as well as any technical and research advancement projects that the funds support.

We’re extremely grateful and proud of those working so hard to save the lives of our friends and relatives. LES will continue to push forward to achieve the set target, should you wish to make an additional contribution, you can do so by following this link: