LES are proud to be supplying the NEW YALEMINI 360 hand chain hoist from summer 2021 and can now accept pre-orders for August delivery.

This innovative design is from Columbus McKinnon and was designed based on the patented Yale lift 360 Chain Hoist, it is lightweight and small, and should fit into most toolboxes.


Supplied with:

  • Aluminium casing.
  • 360 degree hand chain rotation - with traditional chain hoists you have to stand below or directly next to them to operate the chain, with the New YALEMINI you can position yourself at any angle, above, below or to the side making it safer and easier to use.
  • Ideal to use outside.
  • Top and bottom load hooks rotate 360 degrees.
  • Manufactured with heavy-duty safety catches.


LES were lucky to have had the opportunity to trial this fantastic product and can confirm that it was an absolute joy to use. It has all the quality of the Ergo 360 lever hoist (potentially the best lever hoist currently for sale) together with the great features of the Yalelift 360 all available in this fabulous new smooth running hand chain hoist. We are thrilled to be able to offer this to our customers.


To learn more about the YALEMINI 360 and Chain Hoist please visit the product page by following the link or call our sales team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Choosing a hoist can sometimes be tricky

Very often a buyer is unsure what they need when considering the purchase of a manual hoist, or have an idea what they might need but not sure where to purchase it from. In these circumstances it is recommended that they buy from a company with a deep understanding of the products they sell who offer a one-stop-shop.


What to consider?

There are various safety issues to consider when selecting your hoist, for someone unfamiliar with the product it is essential to have a supplier with good technical knowledge who is able to recommend the hoist that would best suit the application.

When selecting a vendor ensure that they are reliable and can provide everything you need. Do they have good customer service? Are their deliveries quick? And, do they have a good selection of products including ancillary items in stock?

With a multi-brand store such as the Lifting Equipment Store whatever the required specification we will have the right product to suit at low cost with a fast delivery. We also have an excellent rating with Trustpilot.


What other manual hoists are available?

There are three levels to manual hoists:

The entry level economic hoist can be used for garages, the medium duty hoist is for industrial and warehouse applications, heavy duty and specialist hoists can be used offshore and can be operated by remote control on underwater vehicles (ROV’s).

The entry level hoists are easy to install and once they have outlived their life they are disposed of and then replaced. For the medium and specialist hoists they can be maintained and repaired so a reputable spares supplier would be needed.

LES supply spares and accessories for all the hoists they supply so you can feel confident that whatever hoist you buy from us we will be here to support you.