New Products: Specialist Pallet Trucks9th February 2017

Here today at LES we are proud to announce our newest range of pallet trucks, the Specialised pallet trucks come from a huge worldwide brand called Pfaff Featuring both the silverline and proline edition trucks. This gives us 12 new exciting pallet trucks to offer! We have short fork trucks for the use in tight areas and smaller pallets, we have trucks with extended forks for use with those pesky double pallets and longer loads. All of the pallet trucks come with either: Solid rubber (SR), Polyamide (PA), Polyurethane (PUR), and Steel (ST) wheels and is easy to determine what truck has which wheel by the specification tables on each product 

      In this new range, there is also a stainless steel and a galvanized steel version of the standard truck that are designed for the pharmaceutical (clean room) and outdoors. The Proline with Parking Break is another variation of the standard truck that had been modified to include a parking brake for use where ramps or inclines may be an issue. If you should need to lift pallets up to a weight of 5 Tonnes look no further as we have the Proline 5 Tonne heavy duty truck which can lift and transport these extremely high weights with ease.  

If you can not see a pump truck that fits your requirement in this category please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01384 567430 and challenge us to provide you with a solution (we have not been beaten yet!!)