New Product: Tractel Minifor Portable Electric Winch9th March 2017

The Minifor Electric Winch from Tractel is the ultimate on-site portable powered hoist unit.

Robustly designed and available in either 110v, 230v or 415v models with working limits up to 500kg which can be increased with the addition of a Minifor sheave kit. Favoured for its ability to lift virtually unlimited heights of lift due to there being no constraints on storing the slack wire rope (unless fitted with a reeler to store the slack wire rope). You might wonder what stops the end of the wire rope from falling out of the end and dropping the load- Tractel already thought ahead on this one, as safety is a primary concern when it comes to any of their equipment, Tractel offer adjustable upper and lower end limit stops and a brake incorporated to prevent any unintentional operation or dropping of the load in the event of a power failure.

Not only is the Minifor winch ideal for long lifting heights but also its ability to lift 100kg at 15m/min via 110v- something virtually unheard of in other hoist ranges. Currently there is no direct competitor winch on the market today that offers such flexibility in terms of design and ability. We are incredibly proud to represent Tractel with this unique product for which LES have received positive feedback on for over 4 years. -It’s actually about time we got it online for those searching for this ultimate solution!

The Tractel Minifor Winch can also be used for pulling and tensioning between items at the same capacity, making it a universal piece of equipment that can be used over and over in numerous applications.

Why would I buy one when I can just rent one for this particular job?

You may think that the Tractel Minifor winch from LES is a large investment, the key word being INVESTMENT- if you are considering hire of a Minifor unit, be sure to cost it up against the opportunity of buying a new unit, a Minifor TR50 can be hired for £224 per week from a leading UK hire firm, consider hiring this for a 10 week job and it’s cost you £2,224.00 + VAT, why do that when you can purchase a unit for £3,332.64 + VAT from LES?! You might be wondering “Well, if I purchase, it still costs more, what do I do when i’m done with it? I have only one job to complete with it” Take a look on any well known auction site such as Ebay and you will notice how much residual value is left in a used Minifor winch, you will be pleasantly surprised and understand that in lots of cases it is more cost efficient to purchase a unit and re-sell or re-use after the initial task is complete.

What's so good about the design? 

Designed to be lightweight for portability purposes, the Tractel Minifor winch is fitted with a carrying handle for convenience and easy transportation while suspended from a top hook with safety catch for easy mounting and dis-assembly. Available up to 125kg capacity in a special design to accommodate Tractel’s synthetic rope specifically for the wind turbine industry, the TR125SY is small, lightweight and designed to be easy to transport to the top of a wind turbine, while the normal steel cable range is up to 500kg.

Be sure to only use Tractel’s specially designed Maxiflex wire rope for the Minifor TR10, TR30 and TR50 while using their synthetic rope for the TR125SY unit. Traditionally the Minifor winch is supplied with a wired pendant control, however at LES we also offer all units with optional wireless radio control units for further flexibility as well as optional automatic cable reelers to neatly store any slack wire rope as the load is hoisted towards the top of the winch.

For further information on our range of Tractel Minifor Electric Portable Wire Rope Winches please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you, alternatively feel free to browse our online shop.