LES Supply 48 Jib Cranes for the ElecLink Project2nd January 2018

The £490M ElecLink project is one of Europe's projects of common interest. Enabling the UK to access the European electricity market. ElecLink will provide the cost-effective connection via an HVDC 1000MW cable from France to the UK which will travel through the Channel Tunnel. Providing a low environmental impact with no overhead lines and no undersea cables, the project hopes to provide a carbon reduction of 6.1m tonnes while helping to reduce consumer bills and generating an expected net social benefit of €640M over the project life.

The cranes are designed for use in pairs and are controlled from a central control board instead of standard pendant control, this enabled the operator to stand at a safe distance from the load. Fitted to a 1/2km long train comprising of 24 off, 20-metre-long work platforms with integrated systems that include our cranes, hoists and magnets. These also include 36 semi-automatic drilling machines that are able to drill a total of 144 holes in one sequence, and 24 hydraulic powered handlers, all assisting in the installation of high voltage cables along the 50km Channel Tunnel wall. The trains are powered by self-contained batteries with over 1750kWh capacity, contributing massively to this zero-emission solution.

Crane Specifications- 48 UK Manufactured Over-Braced Channel Profile Jib Cranes Fitted With GIS GPM 110v Electric Chain Hoists and Bespoke Eclipse Magnets

  • SWL: 250kg
  • Arm Length: 2000mm
  • Overall Height: 2400mm
  • Extras: Galvanised finish, two-position locking devices (to lock the arms in place for transport and operation), stainless steel festoon system (carrying the power supply and control cables for the hoist and magnet)
  • Hoists: GIS GPM IP65 110v Electric Chain Hoists with eye suspension to connect to the integral trolleys fitted inside the jib arms. Supplied with textile chain buckets and special KTL plating to resist the harsh environment
  • Magnets: Bespoke Eclipse Magnetics UK made.

Sales Director of LES, Will Dunn commented "We were very pleased to have secured the opportunity to supply such a huge project earlier last year, we spent over 12 months working closely alongside our customer to ensure every detail was taken care of. Prototypes were designed, built and tested to withstand travelling at the trains high speeds and the harsh British winter when stored outdoors. Myself and the team are delighted to see the final result." 

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