LES Supplies World’s First 6 Star Luxury Discovery Yachts with Stahl Explosion-Proof Chain Hoists1st May 2019

Scenic, the developer of the world’s first 6 star yacht, the Scenic Eclipse, has worked with Lifting Equipment Store to provide it with state of the art safety technology in the form of 3 Stahl ST Ex chain hoists with specialist explosion protection technology built-in.



Scenic’s Discovery range of ultra-sophisticated and luxury yachts was launched last year in the Mediterranean and takes luxury a step further, but not without also focussing heavily on safety and flexibility for guests. You can find out more here.

The ST Ex chain hoists are deployed to support this flexibility, with the Scenic Eclipse boasting the inclusion of its own resident ‘discovery fleet’ of Zodiac boats, kayaks, e-bikes, a helicopter, and even a submarine! These vehicles are designed to take guests further, exploring lands and seas well beyond what you can do with other cruise liners, to provide the ultimate adventure.  

The hoists we have provided are electric and will be used in the submarine garage, which is classed as an ‘Explosion Proof Zone’ to lift their fleet of Zodiac boats and to organise them within the garage. The CGI image below shows the garage location. 



The ST Ex chain hoists represent STAHL Crane Systems answer to industry’s requirements and the new European construction and safety regulations for hazardous areas (ATEX). They are suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and comply with 2014/34/EU and are designed with the option of protection against either dust or gas explosions.



We have also supplied an explosion proof manual hoist for use in their helicopter bay for maintenance purposes.

Details of the hoists are as follows  (and you can find them on our site here)

Lifting Capacity: 1000kg

Lifting Height: 4m

Twin speed (for precision control over the submarines)

Fully galvanised load chain

Brake cone chrome plated and special C4h paint system for added protection against the environment

Custom built over 10 weeks in Germany.

You can also find out more from the Stahl website or by downloading this PDF

LES is proud to have been involved with the project and we wish the Scenic Eclipse all the best for its future.

If you are interested in explosion protection chain hoists please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.