LES Provide 4 Specialist Jib Cranes To South Korea1st October 2020

During the UK Lock-down LES secured a contract to supply 4 UK Manufactured Jib Cranes along with four Lodestar Electric Chain Hoists to a customer working in the defense sector in South Korea.


The cranes were bespoke manufactured right here in the United Kingdom to the customers exact requirements all the way down to the special green colour that was required. 


Design & Build

The customer application was outdoors and therefor the cranes were hot dip galvanised to provide longevity when installed outdoors whilst the hoists were supplied with weather protection jackets and IP65 pendant controls to avoid water ingress. 


With a 500kg capacity, a height of 5.5m and an arm length of 5m, there is not much close by that these cranes would not reach. Supplied with an isolator and electric festoon kits which provides power to the hoists, this ensured the end user or installer had no extra components to purchase locally that might not have matched up with the equipment we were supplying



Prior to finishing the cranes were erected and load tested to ensure absolute quality assurance and true peace-of-mind for our customer.



A custom Green colour BS14C39 semi-gloss powder-coating was used to finish the cranes on top of the already galvanised protection for outdoor installation. Adding paint on top of the galvanising added an additional layer of protection and gave the opportunity to add an aesthetically pleasing finish.


Packing & Shipping

As part of our complete supply and delivery package LES cost-effectively arranged the loading of the four cranes via Telehandler in to a 40ft shipping container to then be secured down with Premium Ratchet Straps From Lashking before sealing the container which is now on the high seas destined for Seoul.