LES Open Ebay Shop: LiftingStore27th July 2017

One of our primary aims at Lifting Equipment Store is to constantly evolve and become better, to serve our customers for effectively and to focus on efficiency without compromise on service or quality. To enable us to target a further audience and also to make purchasing easier through your favourite website- we have launched LES on eBay!

eBay not only offers customers the chance to avoid our minimum order charge and save on card processing fees but also the opportunity to gain free delivery on every item ordered! We launched our eBay shop named 'LiftingStore' with over 100 items to begin with, this will grow every single day from now until we list all of your most purchased products. Teaming up with Royal Mail, UK Mail, DHL and UPS enables us to dispatch your eBay orders the very same day for quick 24-48 hour delivery (depending on the product and delivery service selected).


We like to think of our eBay store as a different type of way to shop with us, a way to save more in some cases while also benefiting from opportunities such as cash back with companies like 'TopCashback', no credit card fees and free delivery!


Visit Our eBay Shop NOW!