LES Furniture Movers

As one of the leading brands in lifting equipment, we have also put the Lifting Equipment Store name to a range of furniture movers. This gives customers the reassurance that they are buying quality products, from a brand they know and trust. We are committed to offering the products and equipment that all our customers need, and one of the best ways of ensuring this is to supply our own brand of lifting equipment.

The LES range of furniture movers includes:

Corner skates with castors. These have a 150kg capacity and 360° swivelling castors, while the skates themselves are lightweight and versatile. They are often used in offices and commercial environments, but can also be used in homes for transporting heavy furniture such as wardrobes, cabinets and desks.

Manual furniture movers. You can move up to 600kg with LES-branded manual furniture movers, and you can lift up to a height of 300mm. They have a screw jack lifting system, and all you will have to do is jack up the load and slide the trolleys underneath – then you can move the load safely.

Hydraulic furniture movers – small and large. Lift up to 1,800kg to a height of 250mm with LES hydraulic furniture movers. They come as a pair, making it easy to move loads of all sizes.

Hydraulic machine movers. You can move loads up to 3,600kg in weight with LES hydraulic furniture movers. They feature a heavy-duty design and are manufactured with robust components, ensuring they are suitable for the task in hand. It is easy to load and secure equipment for simple transportation.

For added peace of mind, LES-branded furniture movers come with a 12-month warranty.

Want to know more about branded furniture movers from Lifting Equipment Store? The team are on hand ready to answer your questions and help you find the perfect lifting equipment to meet your needs. Call 01384 567430, or email