Investing in Height Safety Equipment – Investing in Your Life19th January 2016

Some might say that the news is too negative, especially when it comes to industry. Stories are constantly emerging about various accidents, and even deaths, which have been caused by companies not following the correct health and safety procedures or using the right height safety equipment. 2015 was no exception and the end of last year saw two instances of companies being sued for accidents where workers had fallen whilst working at height. In the first case, a construction worker was installing framework panels which gave way, leading him to fall and break both wrists and four vertebras. In the second, one scaffolder fell seven metres to his death and another was seriously injured after concrete debris fell onto them. The two cases had one thing in common – more could have been done. It was ruled that there was a lack of planning, and better precautions should have been taken to ensure the safety of the workers.

Stories like this are a reminder of just how important height safety equipment is to everyone in the industry. Proper planning will ensure that the correct procedures and equipment are being used at all times, and it really can be the difference between life and death.

Work at height is classed as any activity which is carried out at an altitude that is high enough to cause personal injury if no precautions are in place. This could include working on ladders, rooves or vehicles such as cranes. Best working practice dictates that, where work at height is unavoidable, risks should be eliminated or minimised by using the correct equipment at all times.

If you or your staff are going to be working in an environment where you’re at risk of injury from falling, ensure that you have carried out all of the correct research and know exactly what you should be doing to keep everyone out of harm’s way. We have further advice available for you on our website, as well as a range of height safety equipment to suit various purposes. We don’t take risks on low-quality products and treat our role as suppliers very seriously. Our products include fall arrest and restraint gear, safety accessories and connectors, and safety harnesses.

For any more information on height safety equipment, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise.