Hydraulic Cylinders And Tools Available To Buy Online2nd June 2017

LES are proud to introduce to you our brand new range of Hydraulic Cylinders And Tools that are available to purchase online From leading manufacturers such as Yale, and Tecpos. We offer a huge selection of different types of hydraulic cylinders, and all the different accessories such as gauges, hoses, manifolds, hand pumps, electric pumps and hydraulic flange spreaders. We offer hydraulic cylinders to fit any different type of situation ranging in capacities from 5000kg all the way up to 100,000kg +. With stroke sizes ranging from 15mm up to 350mm.    



Here at LES, we strive to bring you the best lifting equipment that your money can buy and The Yale YS Universal Hydraulic Cylinders are just that. with capacities of over 100 Tonnes and stroke sized of up to 350mm these hydraulic cylinders are perfectly suited for everyday operations.                                                                                           






The Yale YELA Cylinders With Saftey Lock are designed to be used when loads have to remain in place over a period of time. The safety lock nut ensures a positive load hold in any position, and work can be carried out underneath the lifted load. Hydraulic pressure can be released so that the cylinders work like mechanical supports. and the pumps can be separated from the cylinders.  




  These lightweight but powerful two-stage electric pumps are particularly designed for maintenance and repair jobs. Depending on their type these pumps can either operate as single acting or double acting hydraulic cylinders. The Yale PY Portable Hydraulic Power Pumps are great to use with any product in the Yale hydraulic range. 



For further information and advice on the hydraulic product range please give on of our trained advisors a call who would be more than happy to assist with your enquiry.