Grade 8 Chain Slings23rd June 2020

We are suppliers of fully certified grade 8 chain slings, with quality options available for you to buy online. Slings are completely customisable and can be built to your specifications, with a safe working load of up to 31.5 Tonnes. You can pick your sling end fitting when buying online – choose from sling hooks with safety catches, safety locking hooks and C hooks. There’s also the option to add shorteners to make chain slings multi purpose. Our chain slings come from leading manufacturers, including Cobra and George Taylor Lifting Gear.


Is a grade 8 chain sling the right option for you?

Our grade 8 chain slings are available with a capacity of up to 31.5 Tonnes and are excellent value for money. If you need a higher capacity, you can also choose from our range of grade 10 and grade 12 chain slings. Grade 6 slings are also available.


What are your options when buying grade 8 chain slings?

• Capacity of up to 31.5 Tonnes

• 1 leg, 2 leg, 3 leg and 4 leg slings available

• Chain link diameters up to 22mm

• Effective working length up to 10m

• Various sling end fittings – sling hooks with safety catches, C-hooks, or safety locking hooks

A number of chain sling components are available too, including spare chain tags, centre pins and bushes, eye type grab hooks and safety catch kits. These can all be bought online directly from our website.

Using grade 8 chain slings safely

All our chain slings are fully certified to guarantee their safety and conformity to necessary standards upon purchase.

Use grade 8 chain slings as intended and never exceed the maximum capacity. Chain slings are classed as a lifting accessory and must comply with Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations, or LOLER. They must be inspected by a responsible person before use and serviced as required.

Want to buy grade 8 chain slings online? You can buy chain slings from our website with various customisable options. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call 01384 567 430, email or fill in our online form.